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Atkins Electricians Has Been Operating Since 1951

At Atkins Electricians we pride ourselves on a prompt and reliable electrical service in Bayside, its surrounding suburbs and all the way along the bay to the Mornington Peninsula.

We specialise in emergency maintenance electrical work from small residential jobs to major commercial breakdowns. Due to our focus on service we also service many real estate and body corporate clients.

Atkins Electricians was established in 1951 by Keith Frederick Atkins, a 33 year old electrician who had completed his electrical apprenticeship with Johns & Waygood Lifts and then spent years in Mount Iza working in the mines as an electrician. As his family grew larger, he decided it was time to work closer to home. He opened an electrical firm, which was run from his Gardenvale home just outside of Melbourne. Years went by and the Atkins Electrical service made its footprint. One out of six of Keith’s sons, John, decided to follow in his Dads footsteps. 10 years later, another son Mark joined the business.

John took over the family business in 1978. John, a keen fisherman and family man (five sons), took the business to the next level. Specialising in emergency electrical maintenance service predominantly focusing on Real Estate and Body Corporate groups around Bayside.

Mark Atkins joined as a partner in the late 90’s after working as an electrician for over 20 years. The two worked as a dynamic duo allowing the business to become what it is today.

The business now operates out of Cheltenham, with a team of 7 staff members, which includes Mark’s son Joel. And so the legacy continues.

If you are after friendly, honest and reliable electrical contractor servicing Melbourne……then contact Atkins Electricians today! (03) 9596 3806.

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The Management

Joel Atkins
Joel has been with Atkins for 4 years now. Having a Bachelor of Arts degree he brings in a whole different aspect to the company. Joel is the one you will speak to when you ring. The work he does to maintain the service of the business is above and beyond. His communication with our customers is what people keep coming back for. Joel is here to stay and we look forward to what else he has up his sleeve.
Mark Atkins
Mark is the backbone of Atkins as one of the directors. He has been in the business for over 35 years and his knowledge in the industry goes without saying. He continues to provide arguably the best electrical service in Melbourne. Mark’s motto is ‘communication is the key’.