With modern technology and all our high tech appliances, it’s easy to forget that our everyday appliances can still cause harm in our household. Faulty wiring or a faulty appliance can lead to electric shock, which when strong enough, can be fatal. Safety switches are a life-saving electrical component that every Australian home should have.Safety Switches

Electricity provides the power to all our modern day comforts, but we also need to be aware that it can pose a dangerous threat of fire, personal or objective harm. Safety switches are installed at your electrical switchboard and can protect any existing circuit. It’s recommended that safety switches be installed for every lighting and power circuit in your home. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and automatically turn off the supply when the current is detected leaking through faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of a current flowing to earth through a person and electrocuting them. Energy Safe Victoria explain that:

“It detects a problem as soon as the current leaves the circuit, and turns the power off within 0.03 of a second. That’s quick enough to help save your life, and help prevent costly fires or damage to your property.”

Misconceptions About Safety Switches

All homes currently have fuses or circuit breakers installed. Both these devices are designed to protect your home and appliances. Safety switches protect people.  When safety switches are installed, they have the ability to identify existing faults on the existing wiring that may have not be evident before their installation. Although not obvious, these faults can pose a serious threat to your home and the installation of safety switches helps identify and remove them. Safety switches are like any electrical appliance or device and need to be tested regularly to ensure they are working to full capacity. We recommend yearly testing of all safety switches and our residential electricians often perform such tasks when working at our clients home. Safety switches will protect you in most situations, but in some they will not. Always take care with electricity.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Home / Business

We are more than happy to organise design and installation, testing and maintenance of safety switches in your home. If safety switches are not installed at your property or if you are unsure, we are offering free quotes to install safety switches on all lighting and power circuits.  

To get your switchboard checked for safety or to install an upgrade, contact us using our east contact form to request a quote and we will promptly get in touch with you. Alternatively feel free to call our office on (03) 9596 3806 to discuss any queries.